Racing Back To Life - The Film

This film is a long-term, long form project aimed for worldwide theatrical release. It tells the inspiring story of 18 years old Ramesh who has turned a tragedy into an opportunity. "Impossible is nothing" is his motto and reaching for gold is his plan. We started following Ramesh from May 2015, a month after he had his legs amputated in the Nepal earthquake to the Paralympics of 2020, in Japan.
Ramesh is becoming an ambassador for people with disabilities - dissing the dis in "disable". He is set to raise awareness and change perceptions - locally and globally. Ramesh is going for Gold.
Join Ramesh on his journey.
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About us:

Lucas Veuve is a documentary filmmaker and photographer based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. He has worked for Oxfam, GIZ, ICRC, Handicap International and Care International. He frequently travels to Nepal for personal projects and for commission work.

Shira Pinson is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and a video journalist. She has done work for Aljazeera, France 4, BBC Arabic and Vice as well as independent work.

Lucas and Shira have worked together on a series of films for the likes of AJ+, CNN, MSNBC, ICRC and more.